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Updated  -Defunct Stock Car Tracks  25 February 2014...

STOCK CAR TRACKS - What-are-they-now?  Disused and disappeared stock car tracks in Britain and Europe. Is that stadium you once visited still there or has it become yet another B&Q?  - updated  25 02 14 

CASTLE COMBE FORMULA LIBRE -  The days when F1 and F5000 cars could be seen at humble club events mixing it with Can Am cars and Monopostos in the same race! And the final hurrah, BOSS action from 1997 when the old circuit lap record , without chicanes, was set for ever at over 130mph by an F1 Tyrrell..  Updated -04.11.12
CASTLE COMBE SPECIAL GT 1985-2000  an era when the circuit's local championship for special saloons & modsports morphed into a haven for outmoded Group C and IMSA sports-prototypes, Group B rally supercars and a convertible Mini Clubman.....   updated 13 .03.12  
FORMULA 1 Is F1 a sport now or what? - Why do Williams keep dumping so many great drivers? Some rather out of date articles here, but the Williams one still rings true...updated 30.7.03

SPEED RECORDS - Mach 1 on 4 wheels, 300mph on 2 wheels, 400mph with driven wheels. The ultimate motor sport..updated 28.3.05

SPEEDWAY - The heroes of the shale quarter miles. Features profiles of England captains of the 30s and 40s JACK PARKER and ERIC LANGTON..updated 16.08.04

WHITE HAWK - ok It doesn't have wheels, but here was a boat with a Jet engine in 1952...UPDATED 11 03 05 

US MIDGETS - Kevin Camp reports from the 14th Chili Bowl Nationals in Tulsa, a fantastic indoor event for the spectacular little racers. updated 31.12.04

CLUB RALLYING - Just for fun, tales from rally drivers at the opposite end of the scale to Leob & Gronholm!

THE EDITOR AT SPEED - The editor, on his days off, used to race a Rover 220 Turbo and other things. Find out what.

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